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Our Story

It started with a passion for graphic t-shirts, an entrepreneurial spirit and a general curiosity in life. While doing research for our company name, we stumbled upon the linguistics term 'allograph' and had a light-bulb moment. We mashed-up the words allograph & graphic tees, and just like that our brand was born. 

We first designed shirts replacing letters in your favorite cities/states/things with items that are iconic to and represent those places/things. Thus, our mission became helping you to rep your favorite places & things in a unique way.

We have added to our t-shirt selection with some allographic and non-allographic designs in our Classic, various Typography, Word Play, USA, Wine, Beer, Baseball, Football and various holiday Collections. We are always thinking about and adding new designs, so check back often!

More About Us

We are a Company founded upon the values of character. Our values call us to better the world through our actions and words. Our values include:

Live a life of personal integrity and thereby earn honor. Honorable people live up to promises made to others and to themselves:

We are fair, honest, and trustworthy in everything we do.

A person who strives for a life of charity and service is more patient, kind, and forgiving of others. Be humble, respectful, and generous:

A portion of all of our sales goes to a charity.

Currently, we are supporting our local favorite, the People's Resource Center. The People’s Resource Center's mission is to help people meet basic needs, including food, clothing, and rent assistance. It also offers skill-building resources, such as literacy classes, job assistance, computer training and art.

We are pure of thought, word, and action so as to rise above challenges and achieve our goals. We have no self-pity, rationalizations, or apologies:

We strive to be the best we can be, for Us and for You!

Have the strength to embrace silence and the will to build a life based on an honest desire to listen to others:

That includes You, our Customers!

We want to hear from you: 
send a note to social@allographictees.com, join us on our Facebook page Allographic Tees, tweet to us @allographictees, or tag us @allographictees on Instagram. And use #allographictees on all 3 to spread the word!

We aim to work hard, but have fun doing it. Our shirts are meant to be fun, creative and playful so you can represent your favorite places and things in a unique way.

Thus Our purpose, beyond making t-shirts, is to better the world through the creation and perpetuation of human connections founded upon the values of: Honor, Charity, Purity, Silence, and Humor.